Anglican Care Enterprise Agreement

It turns out that the agreement will only apply to staff for three years, which has led to a dispute that must be submitted to the Industrial Relations Board. The unions want the framework agreement to be implemented in its entirety without a time limit. “In the long term, once a senior care facility is built, options will be discussed with employees, including the possibility of transferring their current employment and rights to the new non-governmental provider or continuing to work with Hunter New England Health in a new role,” the press release said. “The nurses understood that they would fall under the framework agreement as long as they remained in the position where they moved to Anglican Care, i.e. there would be no time limit on how long they received the public sector salary and price terms,” Suvaal said. “The framework agreement still exists in other geriatric care facilities that were state-run nursing homes. The Governor Phillip Retirement Home in Penrith is one such example of a former state nursing home that has been transferred to the NGO RSL Life Care,” said Ms Suvaal. “As these issues are dealt with under several agreements and guidelines nationwide, the district has regularly sought advice from the New South Wales Department of Health on relevant claims, and this has been discussed in various meetings with staff and union representatives,” Kelly explained. As the transition of employees employed under a public sector salary structure transitions to the private Anglican pension scheme, there will be a reduction in the wage and leave provisions. “Nurses who were transferred from the state nursing home at the time still receive the public sector awards here under the framework agreement.” The Hillcrest Nursing Home was rebuilt in 1975 from the original sister quarters and the Kimbarra Lodge opened in May 1992. According to NSWNMA organizer Emily Suvaal, meeting staff felt that their current packages were protected by HNEH. A promise of work made to Staff at Gloucester Nursing Homes in 2015 prior to the transition to a new private nursing home is the subject of a dispute between the Industrial Relations Board.

In 2015, employees received a nursing home framework agreement from the state government that would apply to all employees moving to the new private facility to be built by Anglican Care and were informed verbally of the transitional arrangements. A press release from Hunter New England Health (HNEH, as they were then called) dated June 19, 2015, mentioned that health officials had met with employees to discuss issues related to their future employment. The NSW Nurses and Midwives` Association (NSWNMA) and the Health Services Union have brought a dispute before the Hunter New England Local Health District (HNELHD) over the conditions imposed in connection with the granting of bed licences to Anglican Care. The new nursing home is currently under construction and is expected to open later this year, with staff reductions already confirmed by Anglican Care. .

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